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Has Your Blog Got Indexed In Bing, Yahoo, Yandex And Baidu : How To Get Your Website Indexed In These Search Engines?

Google  covers almost 90%, search engine market, however,  in many countries like China where Baidu is used as search engine. In Russia, Turkey, Belarus and Ukraine,  Yandex search engine is very popular, many times Bing and Yahoo do not index your website or index later  . Furthermore, if your topic is global, for instance, fashion, cooking, blogging, technology and computer then check whether your website has got indexed in search engine or not, if not, you are missing 10% users.
How to get my website indexed in these search engines?
Each search engine provides websites to submit URL for indexing, for instance,
Bing's submit URL is and Yandex submit URL is, and if you submit URL search engines may ask to paste an html code to your home, do what they have instructed your websites will get indexed, on the other hand, Baidu require contact number of China so if you are not Chinese your…

What Are Dofollow And Nofollow Links In SEO?

Back link is a very important parameter that search engines consider for page
ranking, and Bloggers make back links in many ways, such as, posting their articles on social media, comment on others blog or websites, through guest posting, by directory submission and even some Bloggers  purchase back links ( Google consider purchasing back links as fraud). In addition, back links are of two types do follow and  no follow, do follow means if you post an article on a website then it will be considered as a back link by search engines because website on you have submitted your post consider your link as do follow, on the other hand,  many websites consider URL as spam or advertisement and provides no follow link, and the URL does not help in web's SEO optimization.
However, Google consider any link which  not a spam is signal of the reputation of the website.

What Is SEO? : A Simple Question : How To Be An SEO Analysts?

For beginners  it seems that  SEO is a magic word that most of  the Bloggers talking about, somebody is saying 3 ways to improve your SEO,  somebody is saying 10,...... the highest number of ways  I have seen, 101 ways to improve your SEO, and there are reasons but bloggers do not explain, what is SEO? and leave on Wikipedia here I will also define little bit different.

SEO ( Search Engine  Optimization) refers to  optimization of  webpage  or website appearance   in  in search engines.
Furthermore based on several parameters such as back links, geo location, languages, keywords matching  and about 50-100 are evaluated during search of a web page.
If you also want to be an SEO specialist search all those parameters and research that how parameters effect visibility of websites in search engines like, Google, Bing and  Yahoo and many more.

CPC, impression CTR, bounce rate and in Google analytics.

Click Per Cost (CPC)- It is decided by advertisers who bid for ad space, it is high in western countries that is why most of the bloggers target audience of these countries. Further, it depends upon keywords you have chosen for ads.
Impressions- Number of ads which are shown on your website.
It is always less than page views.
Click Through Rate =[ (Clicks On Ads/ Number Of Impressions) * 100] and result will come in percentage recommended value is between 5%<=CTR<=15%, If CTR's value is greater than 15% Google consider that there are invalid clicks and suspends account.
Bounce Rate - Number  of home page visits afterwards visitors leave website.
If bounce rate is high it means your website performance is poor.
value between 0% to 50% is considered to be a good bounce rate.
Estimated Earnings -  Estimated Earnings = CPC * CTR * 1000
recommended value is limits

Alternatives To AdSense Ad Network: For Bloggers Whose AdSense Account Are Banned

Blogging is an entrepreneurship if you are interested in entrepreneurship, then you might have heard about  Colonel Harland Sanders, before establishing Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) he did many jobs, farmer, conductor, fireman, salesman and other struggling jobs, you might be getting my point (please read Colonel Harland detailed biography) i.e. try many things nobody knows where is success. Further, AdSense  of Google is the best ad network  for bloggers, but not the only one in  the web world, many  bloggers' AdSense account are banned by Google, and there are several reasons, they might have not adhered to terms of service, or by newbie bloggers  clicking their own ads to earn money as  early as possible, copyright violation or doing the things unintentionally which violates terms of service, but if your AdSense account is banned it  will almost never be restored,and one year or two years work has been ended, however, this is not the end of blogging rather it is a bitter exper…

Difference Between Wordpress And Blogger : An Article For Beginners

Two blogging companies Blogger and Wordpress  dominate in the world of blogging, Blogger is from Google and another is from WordPress foundation. Furthermore, bloggers who want to start their blogging carrier research that which platform will be suitable for them Blogger or WordPress, below very brief but useful comparison table is built that can help newbies.

PropertiesBloggerWordpressWebsite Namewww.blogger.comwww.wordpress.comThird Party Domain NameFreePaidFor BeginnersEasyDifficultLaunched Date23 August 199927 May 2003Services And Products Linking, Such As, AdSense, Analytics Using Gadgets Or Google Automatically Logs Into AccountsNeed To Install PluginsInstallation On Web ServerNoYesScripting LanguagesHTML, JavaScriptHTML, JavaScript, PHPTo sum up, I will personally recommend that start with Blogger after learning about blogging platform move to WordPress.

Transition Words In English Can Improve Your Writing Skills : Try It If You Get Stuck While You Are Writing

Writing skills is  very important for bloggers, students and whoever in the field of writing, however, after writing one or two sentences newbie writers get stuck and do not know what to do, on the other hand, transition words or linking words or adverbial phrases help  writers to write their sentences further in smooth way. Moreover, there are many types of linking words [1][2][3],  such as  examples, addition, contradiction, result, consequences,  chronology, and conclusion  and many more, the said linking words are not complete but sufficient for write a good essay  or a blog post. Additionally,  sometimes transition words overlap it means a linking word that belongs to result can sometimes be used in the sentence which is showing the effect. Furthermore, I am going to describe linking word by examples. #1 Transition words which are used for addition of ideas.Further, furthermore, moreover, in addition, additionally, as well as, again. And these words exchangeable. Example in sente…

Paraphrasing In Writing To Avoid Plagiarism : For Bloggers, Article Writers And Students

What is paraphrasing ? Paraphrasing is a process of rewording of a sentence while retaining its original meaning. According to Merriem-Wester dictionary-" A restatement of a text, passage, or work giving the meaning in another form[1]". According to Purdue Online Writing Lab "Your own rendition of essential information and ideas expressed by someone else, presented in a new form[2]". Examples - Original-Students learn very easily by practical demonstrations. Paraphrased- Hands on classes can make students learn effortlessly. Now, paraphrased sentence can be used in your own article, essay, or in research paper by giving credit to an author, a website, a book or to a research paper.  How to give credit to the authors?  If  you are preparing to write an article, list the the sources you have read and  put at  the end of the article with the numbers like [1], [2], [3]...., such as, books, research papers, monograms, website contents, images, and video lectures, and write t…

Plagiarism in Blogging is Serious : How to Detect and Avoid

Most of the bloggers focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), bounce rate, web traffic, clicks, page RPM, impression RPM, theme of the blog, plug-ins and finally total earnings, further, these are important parameters, however, knowingly or unknowingly they do not care about plagiarism which is very serious and can destroy blogging carrier. It happens with newbie they copy and post others articles and think that nobody is noticing, on the other hand, matured blogger can also make mistake and their article may be plagiarised.
To avoid plagiarism, both should use plagiarism detection softwares.
Moreover, there are several tools available to avoid plagiarism. In this article, first, I will describe what is plagiarism, second, types of plagiarism, third, how to avoid it ?
What is plagiarism ?
First Definition " Plagiarism is the act of taking another person's writing, conversation, song, or even idea and passing it off as your own [1]".
Second Definition " To …