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Alternatives To AdSense Ad Network: For Bloggers Whose AdSense Account Are Banned

Blogging is an entrepreneurship if you are interested in entrepreneurship, then you might have heard about  Colonel Harland Sanders, before establishing Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) he did many jobs, farmer, conductor, fireman, salesman and other struggling jobs, you might be getting my point (please read Colonel Harland detailed biography) i.e. try many things nobody knows where is success. Further, AdSense  of Google is the best ad network  for bloggers, but not the only one in  the web world, many  bloggers' AdSense account are banned by Google, and there are several reasons, they might have not adhered to terms of service, or by newbie bloggers  clicking their own ads to earn money as  early as possible, copyright violation or doing the things unintentionally which violates terms of service, but if your AdSense account is banned it  will almost never be restored,and one year or two years work has been ended, however, this is not the end of blogging rather it is a bitter experience that you will never forget  and the experience will make you more mature. In addition, you will be looking for other option and good news is that, there are several options which can pay as AdSense can pay, and some of them I am listing here.
Company Name Web Address Description is a contextual ad network and the close competitor of AdSense it was founded by Divyank Turakhia and sold to Beijing Miteno Communication Technology. Bing, Yahoo and Forbes like companies use, minimum threshold of payment is $100 and it uses wire or PayPal to make payments.
Chitika Founded by Venkat Kolluri and Alden DoRosario, it sends payment to the account when the amount is $50 and uses Payoneer for transfer of money.
adversal Founded in 2003 an U.S. based company and it requires 50,000 page views per month a website to be qualified for adevertisement.
Intango Tel Aviv based company which provides contextual ad network the minimum payment threshold for PayPal and Payoneer is $20 and for wire $500.
Bidvertiser Not very popular if you want to research more click the link which is for publishers
PropellerAds The pricing model is 1000 impressions of advertisement, minimum deposit is $100.
ELeavers Contextual ad network the good thing is that minimum payment threshold is $10 and payment methods arePayPal, Moneybookers / and Alertpay.
PopAds Contextual ad network, minimum threshold is $5 for PayPal and AlertPay, and for Wire transfer it is $500.
It will be extended, please suggest which are relevant to list.


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