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How To Start Event Blogging?

Event blogging refers to prepare contents, such as, images, sort animations, videos and quotes for targeting audience on a particular occasion, for instance, on festivals, independent day, republic day, womens day, new year and Christmas day. Example Things to be taken care in event blogging- 1- Extra pre planning- Pre planning is very important, such as, purchasing matching domain name and tools to prepare videos, animated images, appropriate quotes for that event. 2- Hosting- It must  be concerned  that on particular occasion there will be thousands of user and server may not  bear traffic load, if you do not have dedicate server or cloud hosting for wordpress use blogger, because it bears all the traffic load. 3- Focus on image, animated images, videos- Focus on  to prepare these content because there there is no need to publish an article, insert quotes in images and videos.

What Are Growth Hacking Strategies?

Growth hacking refers to grab the user base by continuous experiment on all available marketing channels and products to rapid improvement of a business. From above definition, it  is difficult to distinguish growth hacking from marketing strategy, giving examples  is better way to understand what is growth hacking. Best examples of growth hacking. 1- Drop box- Drop box is considered to be one of the best examples of growth hacking, strategy of  drop box that a user want to increase its file storage size drop box provides two options invite your friends or purchase storage, further human basic nature is that they like free things so users invite their friends and later some of them purchase too,  so here drop box spreading its business without spending a dollar  and also growing business.   2- Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (Jio)- This is ever great example in cellular service sector that reliance grab millions of users in 3 months after providing 3 moths free services it made

Top ten blogs which are making money

There are several success stories to make money on-line  through blogging with  affiliate marketing, by delivery of original contents to the readers  first I will discuss about top blogs that are making money on-line, then  about blogging websites  and the process to make your own blog and make money by advertisement of products from e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipcart, Shop clues through affiliate marketing or by Google ad Sense programs. Top blogs that are making money. #10-   Coolest Gadgets #9- Problogger #8- Timothy Sykes #7- Life Hacker #6- Noupe #5- Engadget #4- Gizmodo  #3- Mashable #2- TechCrunch #1- The Huffington Post There  blogging websites which are very popular are  of Google and I will show how to create a blog in blogger Step-1    Open your gmail account. Step-2   Written in image. Step 3- Click on more at the bottom of drop down. S

What Is Web Caching? What Is Importance In SEO?

Web caching is a technique that puts a HTTP cache server  between browser and main server that stores web pages that will be used in future to reduce main server load and decrease web page load time.                                 What happens when you put a lot of plug-ins, widgets, videos or many image on your website that looks great, however, it increases website load time and affect SEO, to decrease load time web cache server play an important role. Further, when Google indexed web pages and it also keeps a copy of the web page on cache server. Importance of caching of web pages in SEO It affects user experience, suppose your website takes  15 seconds more time than your competitor,  in this gap user will switch to your competitor website and your traffic will reduce significantly.                                                    Tools to check web page speed   Google PageSpeed Insights this tool measures your web page speed and gives some suggest

5 HTML Tags That Every Bloggers Should Know

Introduction Web content management systems are very smart, a blogger can do many things, such as, adding image in a blog, adding hyper link, changing font colors and sizes, but many bloggers come across the problems  that  they have to use HTML tags. In this post, I will list and describe some useful tags that every bloggers should know. Description  #1-<a> Anchor tag (Hyper link tag)-  This tag is used to link  web documents, such as, sharing a post , an image or a video, these all internally use hyper link tag. The structure of tag is. <a href="" > This link points to facebook </a>   #2-<img> tag (Image tag) - This tag is very important form the search engine optimization point of view, because if you are putting an image on your website and use this tag you must use alt attribute, because images and videos takes more time to load than text documents then what happens when text documents are loaded but image are not there w

Mistakes That Newbie Bloggers Should Not Make

If anybody starts anything  he makes mistakes  and blogging is not an exception, when blogger start a blog and write a post he thinks that   thousands of users share  and comment on his post, and he will make a lot of money. However, it does not happen and he  chooses wrong way and skips himself from doing honest work. In this post, I am going to explain some DO NOT'S that newbie should not do.  1- Do not choose a topic you are not interested in- This is the first mistake that newbies make that they try to choose a topic which is popular, even they are not interested. They try to use several tools, such as, keyword planner, Ahref and SEMrush and write on different topics for getting their article ranked in Google. Further, what happens that when you  write on a you are not interested in, after writing some articles you will feel that, I am not utilizing my knowledge and I am doing the things which is not of my interest, as a consequence, you start writing on your topic of in

What Is Online Content Marketing? Things Should Be Taken Care In The Content Marketing.

Online content marketing involves creating contents,  such as, articles, videos and webinar   which  drive traffic on website for sailing products by directly or with the help of online advertising.   As Internet users are growing and their awareness about using websites and mobile applications online presence of businesses are growing and they are using different platforms to advertise their products, such as,  AdWords, AdMobad ad networks under the umbrella of Google or using affiliate marketing, as a result, the opportunities have come for bloggers and webpreneurs to earn money from their content. Things should be taken care in content marketing. Content is king is said  by many bloggers that means your content should be important and relevant to target audience. Content should be  unique and does not violate the copyrights, because copyright violation is  considered as a serious issue.  Social media  and e-mail marketing platforms should be used in such a manner, so tha

YouTube से पैसा कैसे कमायें ?

YouTube  से पैसा कैसे कमायें ? दोस्तों मैं जानता हूँ की कई लोगो को पता है की YouTube  से पैसा  कमाया जाता है लेकिन तरीका नहीं मालूम है, तो दोस्तों मैं आप लोगो को डिटेल में बताऊंगा। 1-  सबसे पहले आप का अपना वीडियो  होना चाहिए, अगर आप कहीं से कॉपी करके अपलोड करते हैं तो आप का वीडियो डिलीट भी किया जा सकता है , इसलिए original वीडियो बनाये। जैसे की, cooking, खेल , कॉमेडी , कारीगरी और  पढाई से सम्बंधित वीडियो बना सकते हैं। २- YouTube पर चैनल बनाएँ नीचे दिये हुए लिंक को click करें 3- Channel बनाने के बाद उसपर वीडियो अपलोड करें। 4 - उसको share facebook , twitter , Instagram और  whatsapp और जितने भी सोशल मीडिया plateforms हैं, उसपर शेयर करें , इससे आपके videos के views बढ़ेंगे। 5 - अगर 10000 views हो जाये तो   ( आपके सारे videos का view YouTube जोड़ देता है , जैसे अगर आप के पास 5 videos हैं और सबपर 2000 का views है तो YouTube 10 0 0 0 कर देगा। )  नीचे दिये हुए लिंक पर apply करें।

Blogger Tutorial : A Guide For Blogging On Blogger

Blogger from Google is a very popular platform to start blogging no tutorial is available, this tutorial explain each section in detail.    Sections- #1 Posts-  This section shows all posts and their status, such as, right side of the screen you can see in the screen shot name of the post, status of the blog ( In the right side of the menu if Draft is written  it means it is unpublished), author of the post, number of comments and how many times post is viewed. Sections about- #1.1 All - Total number of posts both published and unpublished. #1.2 Drafts- Posts which are not published and are in the form of drafts. #1.3 Published- Posts which are live on the blog. #2 Stats- This section is very important from the web metrics point of view, and right upper corner you can switch now, today, week, month and all time. I will explain each section separately.    #2.1 Overview-  In the screen shot you will see a graph and in the graph the X-axis shows time and Y-axis show

Tools To Check DoFollow And NoFollow Links.

Back links are very important to increase your website  rank, but if you comment  on the websites or social media sites, some websites provide do follow links i.e. it will help to increase your  website visibility in google search engine, and   no follow   that links do not help to increase your  website rank, but google consider it as major parameter. Many bloggers ask how to know a website provides or does not provide a do follow link, to know there are several online tools available. Which I have listed below.