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What Languages Need To Develop A Website?

For website design, plenty of languages come in mind, like, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl and many more. Furthermore, it depends upon your need that you want a website just for publishing articles, some videos and images or you want a website in which your clients can create account and you can keep their records in a database or you want an E-Commerce website to sell services and products online. In this article, i will describe a web architecture   and explain that which language fit in  the architecture.

In the figure, there is a typical web architecture that has three components Client(Browser), Server+Database(A Web Hosting Company) , I will try to make you understand by  user authentication example.
User Authentication Algorithm
First example is, when you Log in into Facebook account.
STEP-1. You open the
Corresponding Action- Server sends a file which contains  HTML+CSS+JavaScript
STEP-2.  You fill the login form and submit
Corresponding Action- Browser sends…

Brainstorm of Blogging

I started journey with Blogger and WordPress in 2008 when I was doing M.Sc( Computer Science & Technology) not for Blogging or digital marketing purpose but to learn how to make a website and in 2011 I developed a website ATMS College College and learnt many languages, such as, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, SQL, VBScript, Perl other than what I learnt in in course FORTRAN, Pascal, C, C++, Java, 8085, 8086 and many tools, such as, LEX, YACC, cURL, Socket Programming, CISCO Packet Tracing it was my passion to learn languages and tools. But when I completed my mater degree my interest toward research increased and got admission in PH.D. on the topic Ad Hoc Network and wrote some research papers and you will also get bored that I learnt NS2, NS3, OmNet++, MATLAB and Latex and I forgot every thing about web development till 2015, but I came across an article that "Top Blogs On The Internet" I feel competitiveness or jealous I did not know and…

Addition of Two Numbers in PHP

After writing a  hello world  program, I will make a  program that will show that how to add two numbers in PHP, which is very important for beginners to learn PHP.
$a=10;                            //Assign 10 to  variable a
$b=15;                         // Assign 15 to  variable b
$c=$a+$b;                   // Add a and b and assigns to c
echo $c;                         // Print c
Otput: 25

You can check this program using online PHP interpreter.

To know how was it executed, see the video.

Hello World In PHP

The first program in any programming language is  "Hello World",  here i will write a small PHP program and explain about it.


echo "This is my hello world program";

Output- This is my hello world program
 Description-  Here  <?php  ------------------> Starting PHP Tag
                                         <?------------------------> Ending PHP Tag
                                         echo----------------------> Works a output function.

Difference Between B2B And B2C Sales

Business to Business(B2B) Business To Consumer(B2C) are very popular words in marketing but when it comes to distinguish between two there is little bit confusion. In this post, I am will clarify the difference between both of them. From the figure, usually how business system works is shown.
Furthermore, to clarify more you distinguish a customer and a consumer.
Customer And Consumer-   Those who buy product but do not use, for example, father buys a shirt for his son, and the son will actually use it, in this example, the father is a customer and son is a consumer.
Furthermore,  a B2B transaction is between a  big business firm to a small business firm  in which  small business firm that will not use product and will sell to consumers(End Users) for benefit.  However, in  a B2C transaction a  small firm sells products to consumers.

Types Of Web Hosting Services

A service that keeps web pages on its computer and provides Internet connectivity, so that if a user wants to access web pages it would be available to him. Furthermore, the challenges to provide 24*7 connectivity, server maintenance, security and afford ability that many website owners can not do and cost of the hosting may be more than they from their business, for instance, a Blogger that need 200 or three hundred web pages will not maintain a system that will be live 24*7, and 24 hour power supply, then to solve this problem web hosting business came into existence. Moreover, different types of web hosting plans based on storage, security and ownership are available, but mainly there are three categories that I will explain.

1. Shared Hosting- In this type of web hosting, hardware and software resources are shared among thousands of websites and this is the cheapest that a website owner can afford. This is a very good choice for beginners, the disadvantage of this hosting solutio…

5 Growth Hacking Srategies In Blogging

In my previous article on growth hacking  What Are Growth Hacking Strategies? .  I presented some case studies that how some online businesses grew without spending millions of dollars on advertising, this growth hacking strategies can also be applied for blogging to increase visitors on the blog, further, in simple words growth hacking  is a rapid experiments  to apply all the tactics and appropriate technologies to   increase audiences. In blogging, growth hacking strategy can also be applied, here I will present some tactics that bloggers are applying before growth hacking word was formulated and some are need to be applied.

1. Do experiment on your content- In most  cases, users like simple sentences, but if you introduce few difficult words readers my welcome, some quotes that matches with your article can grab the attention of users. Further, it is fact  that 70% of word in English  are of French origin, you can introduce some French words and french speaking countries, like Fr…

Top 5 freelance websites for beginners

On line market places are becoming more and more popular, such as, web development, search engine optimization , video and audio editing, translation, writing services, further, many websites provide a place where clients and service providers can interact and deal on a service or product on some price  on their websites, these forums are called freelance and service provider are called freelancers, moreover, many websites provide place to interact freelancer and clients, here, in this post, I will list some of them which are very popular. Started in 2010, a popular market place especially for digital marketing, writing and translation, programming and tech, video and animation,  graphic and design, business and the minimum price is for per job completion  is $5.  Founded in 1999 and formerly Elance is also very good on line market place for free lancers, further, the jobs are mainly software products and service oriented, writing skills oriented. In addit…