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How To Build An E-Commerce Website or Online Shop Using WordPress?

The  Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) like, Wordpress has changed the way that websites can be developed, and almost 30% websites are powered by WordPress. In addition,  more and more users are accessing Internet using laptop, smart phones and also they shop online too and to grab this opportunity many companies are launching e-commerce websites well known examples are E-bay and Amazon but these are not the only one thousands of e-commerce platforms such as, country specific and product specific are on the web and they are running successfully. However, some small business owners think that they can not open their online shop, because it involves a lot of technical knowledge of computer programming, although ever since WCMS system has come, like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal  the website development and management have become like managing a social media website,  and that is true.  In this article, I will explain that  how can you build your own online shop using WordPress. To

How to Create a WordPress Plugin?

If you want to customise or need to add an extra functionality for your website, you can do this by changing the core of the WordPress, however, if WordPress gets updated your changes will be ineffective. So, to get rid of this problem WordPress introduced modular architecture in which if ones need to extra functionality he can add PHP module called plugins and these plugins are written in PHP . In addition, HTML, JavaScript, JavaQuery and AJAX can also be incorporated to add more functionality , but in this article I will only use an echo command to print a single sentence in  PHP, this plugin will be very simple but at the end you will be able to create your own plugin. First of all WordPress plugin is a PHP file and this need plugin header in PHP comment which is ____________________________________________ <?php /*Plugin Name: Simple Plugin Plugin URI: Description: This is demonstration for simple plugin Version: 0.1.0 Auth

How to Include CSS in HTML Document?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and the language describes HTML tags, furthermore, it eliminates the repetition in making HTML tags stylish. Moreover, it would be better to give examples that can make you better understand. To include CSS styles tag is used. Here I will explain using heading tag h2 Heading tag h2 <h2> <span style="color: green;"> This is the first h2  green heading.  </span></h2>  For the second an third we have to repeat the same <h2> <span style="color: green;"> This is the second h2  green heading.  </span></h2> <h2> <span style="color: green;"> This is the third h2  green heading.  </span></h2> The out of the above three statements would be: This is the first h2 green heading. This is the second h2 green heading. This is the third h2 green heading. ____________________________________________________________________ Using style ta

What are Back Links? How to Build Quality and Relevant Links?

Back links are those which which points to your website i.e a website name contains hyperlink and  if somebody clicks on it, your website will be opened. Furthermore, back links play an important role in SEO, actually founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey  Brin started with this parameter that a website rank will be high which has higher number of back links than a website  which has lower number of back links. However, people misused  this theory and started building back links from any websites and those sites which have quality content did not get ranked in SERP result. Moreover, Google updated the search algorithm and brought Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird  and that focus on quality an unique content.  On the contrary, instead of Google  search algorithms updates, quality and relevant back links have still importance.   What does mean by quality back links? Quality back links are  those links which points to your website and the website has quality an

HTML Tutorial : img Tag

In this post, I will show how does img tag works. Syntax < img   src ="image_address.jpg"  alt ="image_name"> Here img -  image tag src   attribute - address   of the image  alt  attribute- alternative for  the image ............................................................................. Example src="" alt="googleplusimage" final image tag <img  src=""  alt="googleplusimage"> ----------------------------------------------- Output

Websites that Provide Social Media , Follow Button and Survey Widgets

When you build a website you may need social media like button, subscription button, survey widgets and follow buttons, to add this widgets. In  WordPress , you can easily install plugins but in Blogger you have to put JavaScript code provided by the websites listed below. In this post, I will  list the name of websites and if you want to add these widgets go on the website create an account and install the code that website provides you. Once you install and your website is verified  no need to do extra thing only choose a widget and activate it, and widget  will be automatically activated on your website. 1- 2- 3-

How to Earn Money from the Internet?

Internet is full of opportunities and one can earn money from it. Furthermore, you have  to  work to get money it is not like gambling, this is the same as you work in office, the only difference is that this is time ,location and boss free job with no guarantee that how much you will earn in a day $1 or $10000. Moreover, I have listed some ways that you can earn good amount  of money. 1- Make a Blog and put Google AdSense- If you love writing choose a niche, such as, fashion, travel, digital marketing, health, technology, programming and movies review which must be   of your interest, otherwise, you will do for some days and leave so be careful. Further, if you have chosen niche   and start blogging, then apply for AdSense, if your blog gets approved Google will show advertisements and you will get paid for clicks  and for watching advertisements. 2- Affiliate Marketing- The problem with AdSense that it may be banned due to copyright violation, or invalid activities or you did

Print Star Triangles in PHP

<?php $nr=10; //Number of rows for($i=1; $i<=$nr ; $i++) // Outer loop { for($j=1; $j<=$i; $j++) // Inner loop { echo "*"; } echo "\n"; // Statement for new line } ?> //Program execution // First iteration $i=1 and $j=1 i.e in first row * will print 1 time // Second iteration for  $i=2, $j=1, $j=2 second row will print 2 times // Third  iteration for  $i=3, $j=1, $j=2 $j=3 third row will print 3 times -------------------------------------------------------- For program execution and output see the video     

Sum of Natural Numbers in PHP

<?php $n=5; // Initialises n to 10 for sum of natural no. up to 10 $sum=0; for($i=1;$i<= $n; $i++) { $sum = $sum +$i; // This statement execution i will explain below } echo $sum; ?> // First iteration, $sum=0 and $i=1 on the right side then left side $sum=1 // Second iteration, $sum=1 and $i=2 on the right side then left side $sum=3 //Third iteration  , $sum=3 and $i=3 on the right side then left side $sum=6 // Fourth iteration, $sum=6 and $i=4 on the right side then left side $sum=10 // Fourth iteration, $sum=10 and $i=5 on the right side then left side $sum=15 ____________________________________ See the  video for output and program execution                                                          

How to Calculate Factorial in PHP?

<?php $n=5; // For calculating factorial of 5 $fact=1; // Initialising value of fact to 1 for($i=1; $i<=$n; $i++) { $fact = $fact * $i; // This statement i will explain below } echo $fact; ?> // Here  first time $i= 1 and $fact=1;   then $fact=1 // Second time $i=2 and $fact=1     then $fact=2 // Third time $i=3 and $fact=2   then $fact=6 // Fourth time $i=4 and $fact=6  then $fact=24 // Fifth time $i=5 and $fact=24  then $fact=120; // Sixth time loop will not be executed // And echo will print the value of fact __________________________________ See the video for program execution and output

Switch Statement in PHP

<?php $var=3; // Assings 1 to variable var switch($var)// Switch statement that takes an argument { case 1:      // If the value of var is 1 echo " This is 1"; // this statement will be executed break;                            case 2:      // If the value of var is 2 echo " This is 2"; // this statement will be executed break; case 3:      // If the value of var is 3 echo " This is 3"; // this statement will be executed break; } _____________________________________________________________ For output and program execution see the video                                                             

Addition of Two Arrays in PHP

<?php  //PHP opening Tag $odd_sequence= array(1,3,5,7,9,11); //This array contains six odd numbers $even_sequence= array(2,4,6,8,10,12); // This array contains six even numbers for($i=0; $i<=5;$i++) { $oe_sequence[$i]= $odd_sequence[$i]+$even_sequence[$i];// This statement //adds two arrays                                                                                                              //and assigns in oe_sequence array } for($i=0;$i<=5;$i++) { echo "$oe_sequence[$i]\n";                //Prints $oe_sequence value                                                                     //here oe means odd even } ?> ....................................................................................... Program execution and and output you can see in  the video. 

Average of Three Numbers in PHP

<?php   //php opening tag function average($a, $b, $c) // function name { $d=$a+$b+$c;      // addition of three numbers return $d/3;       //  average functin returns } echo average(12, 9, 18); // calls average function with 3 arguments ?> // php closing tag

For Loop in PHP

Code Comment <?php //PHP opening tag for( $i=0; $i <= 20; $i++){ //First $i=0 is initialization $i <= 20 is condition check and $i++ is increment if($i%2==0){                                     //Check whether i is divisible by 2 if yes it is an even number echo " This is an even number $i"; } } // Prints even numbers ?> PHP Closing tag ________________________________________ The output you can see in video

Print Even Numbers in PHP

<?php $i = 1;  // Statement initialises i to 1 echo "This will print even numbers between 1 to 11"; // Prints the statement in double quotes while($i <= 11) { // Check whether condition is true if ( $i % 2==0) // Checks divisibility by two     echo "$i</br>"; // Prints Even numbers     $i++; // Increases value of i by 1 } ?> ___________________________ Output- 2 4 6 8 10 ___________________________

Conditional Statements in PHP

<?php $a =10;                  // This statement assigns 10 to a  $b = 15;               //This statement assigns 15 to b if( $a > $b)           // Checks whether  a is greater than b i. e. 10 > 15 here false { echo " a is greater than b"; } else                                          echo " a is less than b"; // This statement will be executed. ?> ____________________________________ Out put-   a is less than b ____________________________________

What is Google Webmaster? How Do I Use It?

Google Webmaster or Search Console that helps you to look insight into your website, such as, how many URL are indexed, how many back links your website have, what is your website's average search position in an organic search, sitemap submission  and all other SEO tasks can search console can do. Further, many Bloggers do not use the tool, especially beginners there may be many reasons. In this tutorial, I will explain you each menu segment in concise manner, so that, even beginners can be master of webmaster and can up their rank higher in Google search. Now  let us start the first step, if you open search console you will see add a property button and if you click on, a pop up window will be appeared in which you will submit your web address or mobile app address, and you will be asked to verify your ownership. Once search console verifies your website you will be able to see in the list of websites or if you have submitted  the first time you will see only your websit