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Keyword Research for SEO and High CPC.

Keyword research is the process of finding appropriate blog's post title that will rank in search engines with low competition and high CPC for a publisher. To understand keyword research process you have to understand some metrics of keyword research.

Search Volume - Search volume refers to the the  monthly average searches for a keyword  for a year. For example, if search volume is 8100  for  the keyword  "what is keyword in seo"  that means this keyword has been searched by users 8100 times in a month for past 12 months.

CPC ( Cost Per Click) - Cost per click (CPC) is defined as  advertisers are bidding on  price   for a keyword  for their business marketing.  For example, if the CPC is   for keyword  "what is keyword in seo"  $7.05. Then,  if a visitor comes on your website for this keyword and clicks on advertisement you will get $7.05.
Keyword Competition-  This means that how many articles are written related to this phrase the competition metric  lies between 0 and 1, 0 means no competition and 1 means highest competition.

Problem in choosing appropriate keyword- Bloggers face problems in choosing keyword phrase, because there are tradeoffs among keyword research parameters. For instance, if you select a keyword  phrase of high search volume and high CPC.  It is easy  to observe that there will be high competition. As a result, your article may not rank in high position is SERP( Search Engine Result Pase) result. If you choose low competition keyword the search volume  and CPC will be very low. And if search volume is low again the chance of your article in SERP will again Be low.

Empirical Formula for  Keyword Research - To overcome this problem, I have proposed an empirical formula for you. If  you apply this formula you can easily understand which keyword will be appropriate for you.

         KRM Value = (CPC ) * (Search Volume) / (Competition)* (Alexa Rank of Your Website)
Where KRM stands for Keyword Research Metric.
CPC in Dollar
Search Volume is Visitor Per Month in thousands  1k, 2k,........ 100k, 1000k
Competition Lies Between 0 and 1
Alexa Rank in thousands example 1k, 2k,........ 100k, 1000k

Snapshot of Cloud Computing Related Phrases and Their CPC, Search Volume and Competition using KewordEveryWhere Tool

Example if your alexa rank is 200k then for keyword "cloud service providers" the KRM value will be 0.3894. If your Alexa rank is 300k then KRM value will be 0.2596. If Alexa rank is 5000k then the KRM value will be 0.015576. So, use this metric when you are going to choose an optimized  values for a keyword phrase. This implies that higher the value of KRM, chances of your article in SERP will be high for that that keyword phrase.

Keyword Research Tools- Now I am going to give links of some keyword research tools. In which some of them  which are free I have used and some of them which are paid  I have heard.

Keywords Everywhere

Conclusion- In this article, I have explained about keyword research metrics and illustrated by examples. Further, I have proposed an empirical formula that can help you to choose appropriate keyword. Hope this article will help you.
Note- I you find any mistakes or you like the article  please comment.

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