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Free Blogging Tools for Beginners

If you start a blog, in the begging you think that  write a post and publish it, this is the only work you need to do. However, this is not the case, you will need several tools to understand traffic patterns and to grow your traffic. In the market, both paid and free tools are available.
But  beginners usualy likes free, because in starting they do not have money to pay. In this article, I am going to list and explain some useful tools  that can help you in blgging.

1- Google Analytics- This tool is used for multipurpose, such as tracking real time users on your website, users behaviours, users by geographical locations,  type of traffics that come, E-commerce transaction tracking and many more. This tool is provided by google can be linked to your website easiliy. Further, Google Analytics provides a tracking code and if you put on your website, your website will be connected to the the Google Analytics.

2- Search Console ( Google Webmaster ) - Search console  is also provided by Google. It is used to analyze search performance of your blog or website. Besides search performance,  search console  does other thisngs wich listed below.
a- You can submit post's URL for indexing in Google's database.
b- You keywords for which your blog is on top position.
c- It provides crawling stats, such as, how long Goolebot spends time on your blog? How much data Googlebot download for crawling and about crawling errors.
If need tutorial you can see my previous article on search console tutorial link-> What is Google Webmaster? How Do I Use It?

3- Keyword EveryWhere-  Keyword Everywhere is a free keyword research tool that can be installed as Chrome's  browser plugin. Further, if you type a keyword or query in the Google  search bar it will show monthely search volume, CPC and copetition level. You can see in screen shot.
For more information see the article -> Top  Browser's Plugins that Every Blogger Should Know
4-  What Runs- As beginner you migh be curiours about what  technology other bloggers  are using.
What Runs Chrome plugin is very useful.
For more information see the article -> Top  Browser's Plugins that Every Blogger Should Know
5- SEOprofiler- This tool is very useful to know about backlins, page performance, page errors and other SEO tools. For one website it is free more than one it charges money.
The website of SEOprofiler is
6- SEOsitecheckup- Very  good  SEO  audit tool, if you put URL of your website it will check your blog SEO score. It is between 0 to 100. For beginners it is very helpful to understand about SEO.
The website link is
7- Small SEO Tools - This website contains bundals of tools such as, SEO tools, plagiarism checker and paraphrasing. It is also a very good website for newbies.
Web link of the website is
8-Copyscape- To avoid your article this tool checks plagiarism in article. And you can write original article using this tool. The method of checking plagiarism is you put link of your article and Copyscape will show the plagiarized and original containt.  Link of the website  is

Conclusion- In this article, I have discussed about free blogging tools. Hope it will help you and your blog will get more traffic using these tools.


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