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Remember 16 things to make SEO friendly websites ?

This result I got when I feed  into SEO analyzer [1] , and I will describe it step by step. The site title was found.- Giving title of a website is very important, this is first impression of website on users There are not multiple meta description tags [3] . There are not multiple title tags. The page is not blocked by a robots meta tag. The page is not blocked by robots.txt. No Flash content was found on the page. No iframes were found on the page [2] . The meta description is not too long. The meta description is not too short. All images on the page have alt tags. Heading tags were found. There are no links with nofollow found on the page. The site title is not too long. The site title is not too short. The page does not have too many internal links. The URL is not too long. Sources  [1]- [2]-

Five things that Indians think about Europeans.

1-Europeans are very rich, because they took many things things from India.  2-Europeans are scientifically advance, but their science is based on basic  contribution given by Indian, for instance, invention of zero, finding of value pi, Pythagorus theorem was invented in India.  basic contribution given by India. 3- Young  generation of Indian want to be educated in Europe. 4- Europeans get married many times. 5- Europeans  are selfish, for example, young people do not keep  their parents with them.

Five small things to take care while you are taking a competative exam.

1. Give weight   to the questions  for example the easiest question weight 1, the difficult 2, more difficult 3, the most difficult 4.   2. Divide your time according to difficulty level.  3. Do not spend more time slot, what you have given time slots on the basis of difficulty level. 4. Solve the easiest questions first, because solving them you will get confidence. 5. This is not a standard you can make your own rules to solve questions.

How to build a website ?

Making a website may vary from 10-15 pages ( a small website) to 100-110 ( a large website) informative websites to database driven website, and  it depends upon requirement of organization,  company or individual users. First, I will discuss how to make and manage a small informative website that does not require  any technical knowledge to manage the website. 1- Get a domain name - Getting a domain name is the  first step to build a website, and there are many domain registrar and web hosting companies such as. Godaddy - Godaddy is a domain registrar and web hosting company  which was founded in 1997 by Bob Persons an entrepreneur from Maryland, U.S.A., the company headquarter is in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bigrock - Big rock is doing business under the umbrella of Directi IT services founded by Bhavin Turakhia and Divyank Turakhia  in 1998. The headquarter is situated in Mumbai, India. Not yet finished

Popular softwares which are written in C/C++.

#5- MySQL - The most popular and open-source database management system even facebook uses it. #4- Widows operating systems- Almost all versions 95, 98, 2003, 2007, xp, vista, windows-10 which are written in C/C++. #3- iOS - Mobile operating system for Apple iPhones is written in C/C++. #2- Android - The most popular operating system for mobile devices is fully written in C/C++, but its application softwares(apps) are written in java . #1 Unix- Unix gave birth to C and also written in C, and  all Unix-like operating systems, Linux,Macintosh written in C/C++.