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5 HTML Tags That Every Bloggers Should Know

Web content management systems are very smart, a blogger can do many things, such as, adding image in a blog, adding hyper link, changing font colors and sizes, but many bloggers come across the problems  that  they have to use HTML tags. In this post, I will list and describe some useful tags that every bloggers should know.
 #1-<a> Anchor tag (Hyper link tag)-  This tag is used to link  web documents, such as, sharing a post , an image or a video, these all internally use hyper link tag. The structure of tag is.

<a href="" > This link points to facebook</a>


#2-<img> tag (Image tag) - This tag is very important form the search engine optimization point of view, because if you are putting an image on your website and use this tag you must use alt attribute, because images and videos takes more time to load than text documents then what happens when text documents are loaded but image are not there will a blank space of height="" and width="" but if alt tag is used there will be image name and user will wait web page to be completely loaded. The structure of tag is.
<img src="YourImageURL.jpeg" alt="alternateword" height="50" width="60">

#3- <meta> tag ( Meta data Tag)- The most important tag from the SEO point  of view because meta data means data about data this is use for page description, keyword description, document modification record, and this tag is used by search engines to index your in search engine database. The meta tag you will see in your site map file, here  snippet of  a sitemap.xml file where meta tag is used.
<head> <meta name=”description” content=”My Blog is about SEO, Blogging, web design and mobile app design”>

#4 <h1></h6>......<h6></h6> tags (Heading Tags)- Among the six tags use of h1  and h2 is crucial i.e. where to use them?, if you are using h1 tag you should put the content which tell readers  about article in one sentence, because search engines look at this headings, do not put more than one h1 tag in your article.
Syntax of tags
 <h1>This is my h1 heading</h1>
<h2>This is my h2 heading</h2>

#5 <div> (Division tag) This tag does not concern about SEO but it is very important to layout web page, this tag creates a section in web page  and it is often used with CSS, and bloggers often come across this tag, a snippet of code
is given below.

<div style="color:#F000BC">
  <h3>this is h1 heading</h3>
Conclusion- In this article I explained some HTML tags which are useful an often bloggers come across, some of them are important for SEO purpose, hope it will be useful for you.



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