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What Are Growth Hacking Strategies?

Growth hacking refers to grab the user base by continuous experiment on all available marketing channels and products to rapid improvement of a business.
From above definition, it  is difficult to distinguish growth hacking from marketing strategy, giving examples  is better way to understand what is growth hacking.
Best examples of growth hacking.
1- Drop box- Drop box is considered to be one of the best examples of growth hacking, strategy of  drop box that a user want to increase its file storage size
drop box provides two options invite your friends or purchase storage, further human basic nature is that they like free things so users invite their friends and later some of them purchase too,  so here drop box spreading its business without spending a dollar  and also growing business.


 2- Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (Jio)- This is ever great example in cellular service sector that reliance grab millions of users in 3 months after providing 3 moths free services it made a huge user base, here main point is that Jio did not invested in 3G services, instead, it invested in 4G services because people were hungry of data and they were purchasing 3G data at the cost of $5 per month because other company were not upgrading their systems to 4G, and Jio find the gap between users' data need technology upgrading gap.
3- Facebook- This example of growth hacking  I like very much, I will not discuss about past of facebook, instead it still experiments to grab user base,
What is unique in facebook?
One of the best things that it does not distracts users, it brings news around user which user belongs to, many other social media websites will bring celebrity  news, weather news, what is U. S. president is doing and I wonder that they know this things distract users. Moreover, facebook cares all the things it make video around users surroundings news around users because facebook study users behavior to continuously improve user experience.

Strategies for growth hacking- When it comes about strategies I will discuss about on line businesses that what  possible growth hacking tactics should be used to grab users.

1- Study the behavior of customers- It is a very important factor to study behavior and patterns, by poll, quiz form submission, ask their experience, reviews, rating but do not distract too much.
2- Find easy way that users can use your on line products- Here I will give an example that if you are having a service and it requires login and password, if you want user to create long password and fill all the form 50% users will not sign up, but if you provide facility to sin up with facebook or Google it will become very easy for them to use your service.
3- Research and corresponding development with help of technology- Gather data and do some quality research it helps deep insight into your business and  find out solution with the help of technology.
4- Try to find out some unconventional way to viral your product- Use social media, ad networks to quickly spread your product or service



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