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How to Earn Money from the Internet?

Internet is full of opportunities and one can earn money from it. Furthermore, you have  to  work to get money it is not like gambling, this is the same as you work in office, the only difference is that this is time ,location and boss free job with no guarantee that how much you will earn in a day $1 or $10000. Moreover, I have listed some ways that you can earn good amount  of money.
1- Make a Blog and put Google AdSense- If you love writing choose a niche, such as, fashion, travel, digital marketing, health, technology, programming and movies review which must be   of your interest, otherwise, you will do for some days and leave so be careful. Further, if you have chosen niche   and start blogging, then apply for AdSense, if your blog gets approved Google will show advertisements and you will get paid for clicks  and for watching advertisements.
2- Affiliate Marketing- The problem with AdSense that it may be banned due to copyright violation, or invalid activities or you did not adhere with AdSense rules. Furthermore, affiliate marketing is a safe way to earn money, e-commerce websites like amazon and e-bay and these provide products link and you put on your blog. If somebody  purchases you will get commission depends on the product which is sold on your website.
3-Free Lancing- If you are good at video editing, programming, SEO, android app development, iOS  app development or web development you are the best for free lancing. In freelancing, clients will put projects on the free lance  websites  if you get that projects and you complete you will get paid.
4- Selling E-Books- The more electronic gadgets, such as,   smartphones, tablates and amazon's kindle  are coming in the market people are using e-books. Moreover, if  you want earn more money than just posting article you can sell e-books and get good amount from.
5- Make videos and Put on YouTube-  This is very common and popular  way of earning money create a channel on YouTube apply for AdSense if your channel gets approved YouTube will show advertisement and you will get paid for click and ad impressions   . Furthermore, if you do not have interest in writing you can make videos, once again it must be of your
6- Domain Re-seller- This is a franchise type business in which  big companies like Big-Rock and Reseller club these provide domain names that you can sell and get commission. 
7- Making E-commerce Affiliate Store- If you want to invest some more money you can open your e-commerce affiliate store. Furthermore, this is similar to affiliate marketing but it is dedicated and you will review the products and write blog post, so that, customers will have better understanding about  products.
8- Buying  and Selling Domains- If you think that some keywords will be popular for domain names. You can purchase them and in the future you can sell on higher prices and earn money.
Conclusion- In this post I have listed some ways of earn money online, hope it will help you.


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