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What are Back Links? How to Build Quality and Relevant Links?

Back links are those which which points to your website i.e a website name contains hyperlink and  if somebody clicks on it, your website will be opened. Furthermore, back links play an important role in SEO, actually founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey  Brin started with this parameter that a website rank will be high which has higher number of back links than a website  which has lower number of back links. However, people misused  this theory and started building back links from any websites and those sites which have quality content did not get ranked in SERP result. Moreover, Google updated the search algorithm and brought Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird  and that focus on quality an unique content. 
On the contrary, instead of Google  search algorithms updates, quality and relevant back links have still importance.  

What does mean by quality back links?
Quality back links are  those links which points to your website and the website has quality and unique contents, if you get back links from those websites which violates copyright and has poor quality contents, Google will notice it and penalise your website.
What are relevant back links? 
Relevant links are those which come from your niche for example, if your blog is about SEO and the links are coming from travel blog, food blog or fashion these are not relevant back links  for your blog.
How to build quality and relevant back links?
There are many ways, but I will describe three popular ways to build back links.
1. Posting Comments- This is the first method that comes in mind read an article an do not forget to post valuable comment, this is also drives traffic to your website because if somebody sees your website link he will click and go on your website.
2. Guest Posting- You can write an article and instead of posting on your website post on website of your own niche and invites for guest posting and provide also do follow link and this is very good way to create back links and drive traffic to your website.
3. Directory Submission- This is also another way to create back links, many websites provide way to submit your link and post title search such of directory and put your article link and title and that will be a back link for your website.

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