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How to Start Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate  marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a commission based marketing in which there are three players.
Player-1- Publisher ( Blogger, Website Owner)
Player-2- Service or Product Provider ( Amazon, BlueHost Web Hosting Provider)
Player-3- Customer

From the above list if a customer ( player-3) purchases a product or a service of of player-2 from the player-1's website through a referral link . Then player-1 gets some commision based of service or product. Player-1 is  also called affiliate or associate.

Example of Amazon's affiliate link
<iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//">

This will be displayed on your website like this

And if somebody purchases clicking on the book Amazon's will give me some commission.
How to start affiliate marketing.
Starting  affiliate marketing is very easy and it does not take long time to be  approved. However, for earnings it takes lots of effort and need trust between you and your visitors.
Here i would like  to explain some points to be successful in affiliate marketing.

  1. Choose the affiliate  products of your  blog's matching niche- It is very important to choose affiliate links of your blogs category. If you choose affiliate links different from  your niche your audience. It will be very difficult for you to build trust among audience for your affiliate products.
  2. Write tutorials- Tutorial helps audience to learn about service or a product and it also build trust between you and your audience. 
  3. Write review of products- If you write review  of the products and give your opinion.  It helps audience to understand better about products  or services and chances of conversion from your website or blog will be high.

 Some popular affiliate programs- It is said that 1 among five companies provide affiliate programs but i will list some popular affiliate programs.

Amazon's Affiliate -  This is one of the best affiliate program on web running now. Since Amazon is an e-commerce website so it provides variety of products and very good commissions. Affiliate program of Amazon's can be reached from the link.

CJ Affiliate Programs- CJ ( Commission Junction ) is the network of affiliate programs. In which there are many companies for them you can run affiliate programs and can get commissions. You can reach to sign up and login page from here:sign up and login page.

Web hosting Affiliate Programs

Web hosting affiliate programs give the highest commision which is from $50 to $150. Because once a customer sign up for the hosting service he will renew the service every year. Some affiliate programs I am going to list here.

BlueHost Affiliate Program-  A web hosting service  provider also officially recommended by Wordpress . It gives $65 to affiliate partner when customer purchase hosting service. The affiliate program of Bluehost company can be reached from the link.

Siteguard Affiliate Program- This web hosting company also provides very lucrative commission  to the affiliate and one of the popular web hosting company over the internet.
The commission list can be seen from the figure.

The sign up page can be reached from the link

Websites that successfully running affiliate programs.

Conclusion - In this article, I have tried to make you understand about " How to start affiliate marketing" hope it will help you.


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